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Discover one of Quito’s emblematic soups, one of the world’s most elaborate, symbolic and painstaking recipes.

The Ecuadorian Fanesca is prepared by families during Holy Week, or Easter (mainly in the mountains, but also on the coast) with 12 grains and legumes (symbolizing the Apostles) and the Lord himself, symbolized by salted cod… Boiled egg and plantain, among other ingredients have made it among the most elaborate dishes in the country.

There is nothing like it in the world. The fanesca soup is one of those dishes that you just can’t invent twice, and one of the reasons why Easter week has become rooted in the identity of the Quiteño. We could say that eating fanesca during Easter is a custom that every true Quiteño treasures as the most emblematic tradition they honor during the year.  And of course, mom always makes the best.

The fanesca begins on farms and fields across the country, as the ingredients of the soup, unparalleled in variety and quantity, are gathered. Marketplace sellers organize their stands so as to make the purchase easier. And buyers then return home with baskets full enough to feed an army for weeks.

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