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Learn about the history, production and delicious flavors that await in this land of chocolate!

Ecuador, for over a century, was one of the world’s most important fine cacao producers… known as “cacao arriba” or “cacao fino de aroma” (fine aroma cacao), the best chocolates in Europe used this raw material from our country to make their delicious world-renown sweets. Today, those who love chocolate have much to discover in Quito…

A little history

In the early 20th century, a terrible epidemic ended up destroying the boom of Ecuadorian cacao and by the 1950s, Ecuadorian cacao was only a distant memory. Sad, right? But this story has a very happy ending: in the last few decades, Ecuador’s excellent cacao was rediscovered and the world’s best chocolate brands were created right here, in Ecuador, one of the great cacao producers and exporters. This quick overview of the best varieties of grain and chocolate on the planet will quench anybody’s sweet tooth!

Find brands like Pacari, Hoja Verde, República del Cacao, Kallari and others (they appear overnight) which specialize in producing fine organic dark chocolate bars of every flavor and breadth, many of which have been awarded international prizes.

We invite you to seek them out and taste each in any supermarket throughout the country. Quito also offers excellent places to taste chocolate, with a variety of recipes and even activities to create your own chocolate bars and more…

Kallari: In La Mariscal, this café is a great place to discover excellent chocolate sourced from the magical Amazon Basin, where cacao was first harvested. You can also discover other products of the Amazon region like the endemic guayusa.

Chez Tiff: In La Ronda, explore great chocolate recipes, learn how to make chocolate and create your own desserts.

República del Cacao: In Plaza Foch, excellent sweets, bars from all corners of the country, and chocolate-making workshops.

Pacari: A few steps from Plaza Grande, one of Ecuador’s finest and most popular organic chocolate brands. Discover a plethora of chocolate bars with different flavors and combinations, as well as workshops to make chocolate and become a connoisseur.

Hoja Verde / Café Vélez: In La Floresta, combine coffee with chocolate, tasting workshops of both chocolate and coffee… another excellent Ecuadorian product to behold…

Cyril: In the area of ​​La Carolina, discover the excellent chocolate of a French “patisier”, with a whole range of to-die-for desserts!

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