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Discover some of the artisans and craftsmen and woman that keep Quito’s intangible heritage alive…

Quito is a city full of talent, recognized in colonial times by its renowned religious artists, related to the Quiteña School of Baroque art. Today, its Historical Center reveals that Quiteño for working the raw materials with their hands, with traditional crafts that survive at the speed of the contemporary world. Do not forget to visit and know what keeps the tradition alive.

The Manos en La Ronda project is an excellent opportunity to get to know the artisans of Quito, in several of its houses the workshops are located. Walk down the street and look for the following artisans:

Zabalartes one of the most emblematic products of Quito is the wooden trompo and the teacher Gerardo Zavala continues to create beautiful examples, like other wooden objects, in his carpentry workshop.

Humacatama hats that remember other times, are always charming. In Quito, one has to walk with a hat!

Tinsmith Silva: Humberto Silva is one of the last tinsmiths in the city, and in his workshop you can find everything from garden tools to toys for children.

Other artisans of the Historical Center

Sacred Mantle in Rocafuerte and García Moreno. Three generations make Rosalia Chilaguano an expert in embroidery and needlework of religious figures.

Restorations Carrión, streets Imbabura and Rocafuerte. Rocío Carrión learned from her father, Don Alfredo, the technique of restoring sculptures.

Sombrerería Benalcázar on Benalcazar street between Rocafuerte and 24 de Mayo.

Antonio Anchala and his son César, opened this store 50 years ago and today they are quite an insignia for Quito, in addition to hats, they sell sandals and masks.

Handmade fabrics, in the basement of the Presidential Palace. Discover the talents of Yolanda Subía, a great weaver and embroiderer who makes elegant pieces.

Artisan Market, at La Mariscal: Jorge Washington, between Reina Victoria and Juan León Mera. An ideal place to find an “artisanal” universe with products of all kinds in textiles, jewelry, souvenirs, and at very convenient prices

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