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A craft beer craze was born in Quito overnight: over 100 fledgling brands of all colors and flavors. With this boom appeared numerous “brewpubs” that Quiteños and tourists have welcomed with much enthusiasm, pleasant places to grab a drink and forget the stress of the day.

A craft beer route

Today Quiteños no longer go “from bar to bar”, but from brewpub to brewpub, tasting the different colors and flavors each individual beer concoction has to offer, straight from their very own barrels. It has become, little by little, a prime pastime of Quiteños and those who visit the city can join in on the fun, in pubs that offer ambience, good food and a unique environment with friends to toast to the good and forget the bad. Here are some of the most sought out dives for some good craft beer and nighttime entertainment:

Bandido Brewing (in La Tola neighborhood): With live music, excellent pizza, good beer and atmosphere in the special neighborhood of La Tola, a fine place to grab a drink, complete with its own chapel!

El Páramo (on Calle Whymper): a branch of Bandido that has joined forces with another fine brand of craft beer: Páramo… ample space to get together with friends!

Santa Ana (in La Floresta): the second floor of a classic La Floresta residence offers beautiful interior design that combines stone and wood and complements an excellent craft beer with delicious “Vietnamese” sandwiches and chicken wings. On Andalucía between Calles Galavis and Cordero.

La Reserva (in El Batan): It offers one of the largest craft beer catalogs in the city. The philosophy here is: “for every palate there is a beer”. Calle Guangüiltagua

Abysmo (on October 12, in front of Supermaxi): With live music, much ambience… even a beer museum… also, don’t miss the sweet taste of “Aphrodite” (a unique variety that mixes honey and malt). Avda. October 12 and Foch

3 Monjes (in front of La Vicentina Park): one of the pioneer craft beer brands with 7 excellent recipes, including the star of the house: the 9.9-proof La Monja Loca (The Crazy Nun). Ladrón de Guevara and Lérida

Sabaï (La Tejedora, Cumbayá) A laid-back summery spot to drink some delicious craft beer and listen to music, in the modern and dynamic La Tejedora space next to La Scala Mall. Vía Interoceánica

Cherusker (in La Mariscal): Fun atmosphere in the busy La Mariscal and an authentic craft beer that combines German ingredients and recipes with Ecuadorian sensibilities… Pinto and Diego de Almagro

Or venture out to Pomasqui and discover La Quiteña or Santana (San Antonio de Pichincha) for craft beer in a more rural setting

There truly is a beer for every palate, some flavored with chocolate, with a sinisterly high alcohol content, with fruity or bitter aftertastes… the beauty of craft beer is, in fact, its variety. There are already some brands that you can grab at the supermarket or in restaurants and bars throughout the city. Apart from the ones mentioned above, you may also want to try the following:


Monkey’s Brew



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