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If you want to take Quito in your suitcase, these are some of the perfect items for a gift or a souvenir of the city

Ecuadorian chocolate made with fine cocoa aroma, mainly in Pacari, Hoja Verde, Kallari, Toak, República Del Cacao, Caoni and more.

Photography books that portray Quito and the whole country, we recommend the work of Murray Cooper, Fernando Espinosa, Trama Ediciones, Jorge Anhalzer and Pablo Corral.

Shoes and boots, the multicolored espadrilles are the trend, but if you are more formal, do not forget to take some boots from La Mundial 02 225 9681.

Straw hats, known as “Panama hats” are manufactured in the south coast of Ecuador and are recognized worldwide for their quality, we recommend www.homeroortega.com

Religious handicrafts in ceramics, find cucuruchos, capariches, dancers and of course the virgin of Quito de Legarda with her mantle. Also figures carved in wood, made in San Antonio de Ibarra (North of Otavalo).

Authentic flavors such as guava or uvillla jam.

Ponchos and sweaters from sheep wool, llama and alpaca are the finest.

Hand embroidered typical of Zuleta, in t-shirts and shirts, table runners and fine table linen, there are also shoes with embroidery.

Guitars and musical articles handmade, excellent quality. One of the most recommended www.guitarrashugochiliquinga.com.

Immortalized roses will eternalize the flower that you like most www.kiaraflowers.com.

Masks and paintings of Tigua are the emblematic naive art of Ecuador originating from the Zumbahua páramo. It is found when visiting El Panecillo and also on weekends at El Ejido Park.

Bag “shigra” multicolored, woven and very practical for your trip, find it in the artisan market of the neighborhood La Mariscal, Jorge Washington Street and Juan León Mera.

The tagua is the vegetable ivory from which jewels, buttons or chess games are made with nice motifs such as “conquerors vs. indigenous” or “Galapagos animals”.

Indigenist art on posters, lithographs, watercolors, oils and more. Pictographic art in galleries in La Mariscal, La Capilla del Hombre store or El Ejido Park on weekends.


The Quinde Street Venezuela and Espejo, corner
Tourist information center, tickets for museums and cultural centers, internet, free lockers. Specialized store with quality products, local artists and designers.

Gallery Ecuador Gourmet street Reina Victoria and Lizardo García
It operates inside a republican style house and offers fine handmade products in ceramics, hats and more. Ideal space to take a break and have a coffee.

Artisan market Jorge Washington and Juan León Mera streets
It is the ideal place to take souvenirs and jewelry gifts, art and clothing. It is allowed to negotiate the initial price. Don´t stop from doing it!

Beltrán Gallery in front of the artisan market on Reina Victoria.
Here you can find artwork from various artists, including the neo impressionist Mario Ronquillo.

Plaza Naya Juan León Mera and Roca streets, La Mariscal
Fine crafts, books, t-shirts, hats and much more.

Olga Fisch Av. Colón y Caamano, also at Quicentro Shopping
Fine crafts, clothing, accessories, art and souvenirs that promote local talent through fair trade.

Camari streets Marchena and Versailles, Santa Clara market sector.
All the Andean ingredients such as quinoa, cassava starch, dried fruits and medicinal herbs. Ideal for purchasing organic native products and a wide variety of vegan options.

Urban Crafts streets Valladolid and Galavis, La Floresta. Also in La Ronda
An excellent shop of modern crafts.

La Nueva Comuna streets Valladolid and Galavis, La Floresta
A group of designers offer unique objects of art and decoration.

Art Rayuela street Camino de Orellana, Guápulo
A store that has long promoted creative designers in the always picturesque neighborhood of Guápulo: handicrafts, objects and bamboo lamps, ceramics, sculptures, jewelery and art work.

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