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You can find yourself in the middle of a cloudy forest, a moor climbing, or crossing a grove of temperate climate not more than 30 minutes from the city. Short, long, half-day, multi-day, difficult, easy, moderate walks.

Trek del Cóndor: En una de las rutas cercanas a Quito que recorre el límite provincial de Pichincha y Napo. Es quizá uno de las caminatas más populares del país, empieza en El Tambo, Papallacta, a una hora de Quito y atraviesa los páramos de varios volcanes: Antisana, Sincholagua y Cotopaxi. Normalmente se la realiza en cuatro días, en compañía de un guía, y con la carga pesada en caballos.

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Condor Trek: On one of the routes near Quito that runs along the provincial border of Pichincha and Napo. It is perhaps one of the most popular treks in the country, starting at El Tambo, Papallacta, one hour from Quito and crossing the paramos of several volcanoes: Antisana, Sincholagua and Cotopaxi. Normally it is done in four days, in the company of a guide, and with the heavy load on horses.

Yanacocha: located on the northwestern slopes of Pichincha, the climate time for walking ranges from one to 6 hours. Enjoy between fog and the chaparro forest that does not stop appearing enchanted.

Chaquiñán: in Cumbayá the old railroad offers a beautiful route that crosses Tumbaco and Puembo. Take the whole day to do it.

Lloa to Mindo: it descends 1,600 meters (5,250 feet), from the Andean cold to the warm subtropics. They are 60 km. that cross paramos, forests and river. It can be done in a long and intense day for the most expert, or with a camp in the middle of the journey. Do not stop asking for permission to enter the trails you use.

Pichinchas: it is a pleasant route that begins in the refuge of Guagua Pichincha and during its 14 km. it arrives until the station of the cable car, crossing by the Padre Encantado, Ladrillos hill and Rucu Pichincha, in the west – east direction. You can also start in reverse, but make sure someone pick you up from the road Lloa – refuge.

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