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There are hundreds of reasons why to make your event, meeting or con- ference in Quito. Let’s name just a few:

  1. Quito is recognized by the UNESCO as the First World Cultural Heritage.
  2. Quito has the largest and best preserved historic center in the Americas.
  3. Quito offers unique venues such as monasteries, convents, museums, inner courtyards and squares as inspiring settings to host a wide array of events.
  4. Quito is the heart of business in the Middle of the World.
  5. Quito lies right between North and South America.
  6. Quito is one of top-10 destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  7. Quito is the gateway to the four natural worlds of wonder: the Galapagos, the Pacific Coast, the Andes and the Amazon.
  8. Quito boasts important infrastructural and technological facilities and services at the highest international standards.
  9. Quito, with its new international airport, is a highly accessible destination.

Our Services:

  • We offer bid books and PowerPoint presentations from Quito.
  • We help you to choose the perfect location for your event in Quito
  • We contact you with the hotels in Quito for your event
  • We contact you with the local service providers
  • We arrange site inspections according to your requirements
  • We provide you with free of charge promotional material such as brochures, videos, digital pictures and city maps
  • We publicize your event free of charge in the online Quito Convention Calendar
Quito, capital of Ecuador, welcomes you, at the very equator, where a big, bright sun shines with the same intensity all year round and the charm of an excitingly undulating landscape is combined with the warmth of its varied people.

This ancient city, which takes off into the future with the construction of major infrastructural works and urban projects, is the gateway to Ecuador, a country that, as its national mottos state so vibrantly, “loves life” and expresses it “in its purest form”.

From Quito you can reach, in no time at all, the many different “worlds” that make up kaleidoscopic Ecuador: the Pacific Coast, the Andes with its “Avenue of the Volcanoes” (as coined by the German world explorer and scientist Alexander von Humboldt), the Amazon Basin and the unique Galapagos Islands, which showcases, live and direct, the intricacies of Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking theories.

For this UNESCO First World Heritage City, it is an honor to be considered as host of your next event, conference or corporate incentive meetings. Quito, day by day, strives to make every attractions, venue, infrastructural work and service a unique experience.

Quito, with its strategic geographic location within South America, right in the middle of it all, is adorned with heritage sites (XVI-XVII-XVIII-century churches, convents, and mansions) throughout its splendid historic center, the largest and best preserved of America.

It also offers modern hotels and convention centers, with state-of-the-art technology, fit for the realization of important events. But one of the strongest reasons is that Quito can produce unforgettable scenarios such as a majestic dinner in a seventeenth-century temple! Quito is a wealth of inspiration, that along with your ideas and goals, will make your event an unparalleled experience in style.

Quito is also an excellent site for lovers of culture and art. This is why UNESCO named it a “gem of human creative genius” with magnificent monumental architecture. Quito is located in a large valley surrounded by mountains, volcanoes and gullies, challenging the creative ingenuity of those who dreamed of it as the ideal setting for greatness.

And near here, less than two hours away by car, we find traditional hacienda estates, where the best roses in the world are grown. In nearby subtropical cloud forests, find over 500 species of birds, an amazing variety of orchids and rural towns that keep alive the cultural heritage of their ancestors.

Archaeology, history, art, nature, architecture and great works as the New International Airport “Mariscal Antonio Jose de Sucre” or our recently reconstructed heritage train that joined, early this century, the Andes and the coast, make the capital of Ecuador, a focal point of the most special experiences.

Our traditional and cosmopolitan city invites you to discover it; we eagerly await your next event, so you can live out all that Quito has to offer.


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