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Quito is an ideal destination for mountain biking, not only because of its landscapes and ground perfect for going up and down, and for strolling through the urban area. It is also a place with wide offer of mountain biking through nature, by small trails that cross paramos, a cloudy forest, or temperate zones, a whole universe to discover. Mountains and mountains to cycle … that’s Quito. That’s Ecuador!

Urban Cycling: At first sight, Quito seems a prohibitive destination for an amateur cyclist, a city full of hills and slopes, but in reality, the plateau that characterizes the core area of the city is ideal for strolling on Sundays and thanks to a growing hobby “bicicletero”, on Sundays, the streets close so that the whole family discovers their city pedaling in the Ciclopaseo. For those who wish to exercise and train, Quito has many parks to test different fields and steep slopes to overcome.

Some of the best routes for mountain biking

El Chaquiñan uses the old train track from Cumbayá to Puembo. Some think that it is simply a beginner route, but there are interesting slopes around the Chiche river canyon that test the most experienced. The journey takes about 2-3 hours.

Ruta Escondida / Malchinguí: goes by the old route to Otavalo, with an interesting deviation towards Tabacundo by Malchinguí, an excellent option recommended by the local bike riders. Plan to do it in about 4 hours.

Lloa-Palmira: a tour from the western slopes of the Guagua Pichincha volcano, this mountain route starts a short descent to the El Cinto river, with some expertise and patience, you will cross rivers and push the bike in some paddocks to get to Mindo. Remember that to cross private property, you must first be authorized.

Downhill Pichincha: Ascend in the cabins of the cable car up to the 4,000 m high where Cruz Loma is, on the Pichincha volcano and make a magnificent descent of 1,200 meters high towards the city. This downhill is done in few minutes, maybe 30, take all the morning to do it and repeat the route.

Downhill Yanacocha – Nono and Eco route El Quinde: starts at the Yanacocha reserve and bounds with the beautiful eco route that borders the Alambi river, with a brief stop in the town of Nono, where you should eat some empanadas. If you think you are strong, start your journey on Occidental Ave. an activity of 5 – 6 hours to enjoy.

Pululahua: descend from the viewpoint of the crater, to the inhabited valley itself, discover the magic of the well-known route El Viento towards the small enclosure of Nieblí. A whole day in which you will be on wheels about 5 hours.

Selva Alegre – Cotopaxi: Through a beautiful a cobble stone path that borders a lahar of the great Cotopaxi volcano, go to the entrance of the national park and go through its slopes at your will, a unique experience on wheels. The road is uphill and it takes between 5 – 6 hours, anticipate a coat when you stop.

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