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Open 24 hours. However, we recommend planning your visit taking into account the hours of attention of the attractions in this sector.

Between the Shyris, Eloy Alfaro, Amazonas and United Nations Avenues

La Carolina is one of Quito’s most visited parks, a place with all sorts of activities for big and small.

This park is located in the north-central sector of the city, in the financial district. It’s hemmed by Avenidas Shyris, Eloy Alfaro, Amazonas and Naciones Unidas and extends over 67 hectares. It receives a huge amount of visitors at the weekends, estimated at 50,000! The park has facilities for a number of sports, including football, basketball, rollerskating, aerobics, horseback rides and cycle/jogging track. There are also children’s games, a small lake for rowing boats, and Quiteños jogging every which way, forming capoeira rounds, doing yoga and exercising in general. There’s a skating rink and a cyclo-cross racing track that is hounded by youngsters of every age.

The main attractions

Botanical Garden (Rumipamba & Shyris)

The Botanical Garden in Quito is a must-visit! Gardens feature Quito’s fascinating microclimates and ecosystem diversity, with permanent exhibitions including a colorful orchid house.

Vivarium (Av. Amazonas)

The reptiles and amphibians housed at this small colonial-style house is an eye-popper for kids.

Mundo Juvenil & La Galería (Rumipamba and Shyris)

A kids complex with an auditorium, scientific diorama exhibits and children’s library, that also offers group activities and events for kids, and is soon to house a new, innovative art space.

Fantasy airplane

Right in the middle of the park, near one of the main playgrounds, find a Douglas DC-6 Ecuadorian Air Force airplane that flew in the 1940s and since 2007 houses a quirky printmaking museum.

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