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180 km. south of Quito, from Latacunga. Take the road to La Maná, enter Zumbahua at km. 64, from there continue 13 km. Public transport exists from Latacunga and Zumbahua

The turquoise of this lagoon, a volcanic crater, makes you fall in love with everyone who comes to look at it. It is one of the most popular visits to the south of Quito. On the way, visit the picturesque town of Pujilí and discover the local art of Tigua, in paintings and masks.

It is considered one of the 15 most beautiful lagoons in the world and can not be missing from the photo album of travelers who come to Ecuador. To get there you must go through Latacunga and go west towards Pujilí. During the festivities of Corpus Christi in June, the solstice is celebrated with a unique ritual in which dancers march with a heavy one-meter-high headdress adorned with mirrors and other objects.

Zumbahua is an interesting stop on the way to Quilotoa if you arrive on a Saturday, the local market brings regional merchants, with their products and crafts. Already in the place there are several options of activities such as enjoying the main viewpoint or the Shalalá viewer just 20 minutes walking south. You can also descend to the bottom of the crater and ascend on a horse, and for the more intrepid, you can circumnavigate the edge of Quilotoa, in a walk of 4 hours approximately, which will give you 360 degrees of spectacular landscapes of the mountains. There are several options for accommodation, especially near Chugchilán.

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