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It is one of the few craters in the world where people live, a magical environment that is great for all kinds of adventure sports and nature observation.

The unique perspective from the Pululahua Crater Viewpoint (where you will find shops and bathrooms) has long caught the attention of local and foreign visitors, with a unique movement of clouds that is truly astounding. Clouds can rise and cover everything in seconds, something that, if you visit restaurant El Crater can happen two or more times during lunch.

The Pululahua volcano is located just 30 minutes from Quito on the Calacalí – Los Bancos road (from Mitad del Mundo). The Pululahua Geobotanical Reserve itself, within its over 32,000 acres, is a natural sanctuary for an important floral and faunal community, where a small population has also found fertile land for agriculture. Life here passes slowly to the rhythm of those clouds that intermittently cover the interior of the volcano.

There are several circuits for trekking which begin by descending from the viewpoint, down a well-marked path that offers spectacular views, from where you can take walks or mountain bike out to Pondoña and Chivo hills, two mountains found inside the the crater. There is also another access route to the reserve, from Moraspungo, 5 minutes from Calacalí, that takes you down a path known as “El Viento” (The Wind) in honor of the strong breeze that hits the area. It is an easy trail and is much enjoyed by families (a 750 meter-hiking route). Finally, you can continue, from the interior of the crater, to Nieblí and for cyclists, this is a great downhill adventure (20 km and 4 hours of intense biking) reaching the base of the Guayallabamba river valley.

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