all day, preferably at dawn

Old road to Nono, El Quinde eco-route. You can also take the entrance to Tandayapa at km. 52 of the Calacalí – La Independencia highway

In this mountain valley, heart of the cloud forest – Andean Chocó, the main attraction is bird watching, there are also places for recreation and cycling routes.

The correct name of the cloudy forest is subtropical or pre-montane rain forest, and it is located on the Andean slopes, between 900 and 2500 m high. They are very biodiverse places, and this area is part of the IBAs, International Areas of Importance of Birds (for its acronym in English).

The flora of the place offers a botanical treasure with bromelias, orchids and also families Gesneriaceae and Melastomataceae.

Bird watching is the strongest attraction in this area; winning the Audubon Bird Count several times. The options for bird watching include itineraries from one to several days, you do not have to be an expert nor is it difficult to hear, see or photograph them. Source www.bellavistacloudforest.com

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