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Tomebamba and Antisana. In front of the Chimbacalle Railway Station

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A forgotten cinema complex, a historical reflection of the rise and popularity of Mexican cinema and the relevance of the railroad in 1950s-Quito, Teatro México is today one of the most modern theaters in the country.

Teatro México, like its name, is located in the “México” neighborhood, within walking distance of the Chimbacalle train station and the Interactive Science Museum… Historically, part of the grand circuit of cinemas, theaters and hotels owned by the prosperous Mantilla family (who could accommodate, among their guests, the international stars that came to present their work at their theaters), today’s Teatro México was actually not a theater but a movie house: Cine México. It was inaugurated in 1945, and offered, for only 5 Ecuadorian sucres, movies that mainly came from Mexico, taking advantage of the golden age of Mexican cinema.

Since the venue was restored (by the Cultural Heritage Fund of Quito, ex FONSAL) and reopened in June 2008, Teatro México is today one a reference for the performing arts in Quito, under the management of the Fundación Teatro Nacional Sucre, which also administers the Teatro Sucre, Teatro Variedades, the Mama Cuchara Cultural Center, the Casa Foundation and Café del Teatro. It has a capacity for 436 people. It is one of the few theaters in Quito with new technologies and capable to house more contemporary performances.

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