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There are several ways to move around the city and its surroundings, find here the information you were looking for.

From / to the airport – 40 km.

By taxi, the fare is $ 25 per trip, it takes approximately 45 minutes. Take into account the time and day of the week to anticipate your return.

In public transport there are two options

Aeroservicios takes you from the airport / city / airport for $ 8 dollars per trip; it also takes 45 minutes, review

Public transportation costs $ 2 dollars arrives and leaves from the interparroquial terminal Río Coca, to the north. The schedule is from 08:00 – 19:00 and it takes an hour approximately.

Within the city

There are three metropolitan public transport systems that cover most of the city from north to south: the trolleybus, the ecovía and the north-western corridor. There are also particular lines throughout the city. The ticket costs $ 0.25 ctvs. for adults and $ 0.12 ctvs. for children and seniors.

Nearby – parishes

The interparroquiales buses are painted green, the cost of the passage depends on the destination you go to.

The main destinations are

North and north-west, from the La Ofelia terminal (Av. Diego de Vásquez): San Antonio de Pichincha, Calacalí, Nanegalito, Pacto, Mindo.

Terminal Carcelén: Calderón, Puéllaro, Perucho and San José de Minas.

Oriente, terminal Av. Río Coca: Cumbayá, Tumbaco, Puembo, Tababela, El Quinche.

South east, beach of La Marín (center of Quito): Los Chillos Valley, Pintag, Amaguaña.


Find buses that take you to any city / region of the country. They operate from
terrestrial terminals, practically 24 hours

To the south: Quitumbe Terrestrial Terminal

Av. Cóndor Ñan y Quitumbe Ñan

+5932 2907005 ext. 31222

Towards the North: Terrestrial Terminal Carcelén

Av. Eloy Alfaro and N75 (Capri)

+5932 2907005 ext. 31273


If you take a taxi, the minimum fare during the day is $ 1.50 dollars, at night it increases to $ 1.75 ctvs. Always require the use of a meter, it is better to call from the hotel or place where you are, than to wait in the street. You can also use applications such as EasyTaxi, mitaxi JJ, Cabify, Uber.

Ecuador highway system

You can rent a car in the same airport, or in different points of the city, the road network of Ecuador takes you to most destinations through highways and asphalt roads.

Public bicycle

The center and the north of the city connect through a cycle path network, check

These are the bus lines that operate from La Marin, and their routes

– Los Chillos: operates through Conocoto, San Pedro de Taboada, Capelo, Fajardo, INNFA Hospital and San Juan.

– Marco Polo: operates through Selva Alegre, El Choclo and surroundings, Sangolquí, Jatupungo and Cashapamba.

– Turismo: operates through Loreto, Capelo and San Pedro de Taboada.

– Condorvall: operates through Inchalillo, Salgado, San Antonio, Jatupungo, Selva Alegre.

– Azblan: operates through Rumiloma, Conocoto, San Juan, Santa Isabel and Fajardo.

– Termas Turis: operates through El Tingo, Alangasí, Guangopolo, La Merced, El Nacional, Las Palmeras and San Luis.

– Libertadores del Valle: operates through Píntag, La Salle, Rumiloma, Amaguaña and Conocoto.

– Píntag: operates through Píntag, San Luis Shoping, ESPE, El Choclo, El Colibrí, Chaupiloma and El Rosario.

– Expreso Antizana: operates through Píntag, ESPE, el Colibrí and surroundings, Cashapamba and San Alfonso.

– Conocoto: operates through the Guangopolo water treatment plant, Armenia and Conocoto


Monday through Friday from 05h30 to 22h00; weekends and holidays, from 05h30 to 21h00.

Las salidas son cada 10 minutos.


EPMMOP: 02-2 907 005

Terminals and Parking Management

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