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Start at the Arco de la Reina, with flavors and ancient crafts. Then discover the history in El Carmen Alto and the City Museum. Discover the Ronda and go up to Santo Domingo to reveal two places where the city is a living museum: the big hill on Rocafuerte street and the small hill on the Junín – San Marcos

Start at the Arco de la Reina, in the sweet corner of García Moreno and Rocafuerte. The arch was built to protect people from the sun and rain when they came to pray to the virgin located on the left wall of the arch. After sampling some quiteño sweets on the other side of the street, visit the seamstress shops of saints and virgins. Do not miss the Carmen Alto museum, dedicated to the cloister and the nuns that keep it alive.

Continue south on García Moreno, on your left it will be the entrance to the City Museum with a permanent exhibition that explains the city and its history in what was once the main hospital in the city of San Juan de Dios. At the end of the museum, turn left on the picturesque street of La Ronda.

The Ronda, which runs like a river under the streets Guayaquil and Venezuela, widens between the Puente de los Gallinazos and de La Paz tunnel. It is one of the oldest streets in Quito. For years, the street was forgotten, until an ambitious restoration project turned it into a place to visit, offering shopping, a romantic walk, and a moment with local artisans…

Manos en la Ronda is a project created to make this street known for its more dynamic nightlife during the day. Visit the different “houses” and discover an interesting mix of experiences between workshops and their handmade products.

Then, go back one block and go up to the Church of Santo Domingo, another essential temple of the Historical Center. To the right of the main altar is the unforgettable Rococo of the Virgen del Rosario chapel. In scarlet and gold leaf, this striking altarpiece is a true visual pleasure.

As you walk north on the Flores, you’ll find a series of wool stores, where those who know how to knit receive classes (you’ll see the professionals cooking without stopping), as well as candle shops, “Luz de América”, has more than one century of history, in Pereira street). Combine this walk with the Mamá Cuchara, located at the end of Rocafuerte Street or Junín Street, which will take you to the heart of the San Marcos neighborhood.

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